Current Visitation Policy

  • Visiting hours are 1pm - 8pm daily (scheduling is no longer required)
  • Two visitors at a time but may switch out visitors on the same day
  • Children five and over may visit inside but must be able to maintain proper mask usage

Reminders for your visit:

  • Starting Monday June 28th we will be utilizing a kiosk for all of our staff and visitor screening.  An ID will be required with the kiosk and we ask that all visitors utilize the hand gel prior to screening. Once the screening process is successful, the visitors may proceed to their prospective units for the visitation.
  • All visitors must wear a mask for the entire visit during both inside and outside visits
  • Patients must wear a mask for the entire visit
  • Masks must cover your mouth and nose at all times and cannot be worn on the chin, around the neck or like a headband at any time 
  • No eating or drinking during the visit with the exception of patients eating evening meal
  • Visitors will continue to follow infection prevention practices including:  screening, hand hygiene when entering or leaving the building, adjusting or touching your mask, after using the restroom
  • Visitors must remain in the patient room during the entire visit unless using the restroom

Residents who have been fully vaccinated:

Fully COVID-19 vaccinated residents are at least 14 days post receipt of the second dose in a

 2-dose series or at least 14 days post receipt of one dose of a single-dose vaccine.

  • May go to the beauty shop on Thursdays by appointment
  • May go to the chapel for services
  • All residents must wear a mask while outside of their room and when staff are in their room

Residents who have not been vaccinated or are partially vaccinated:

  • All residents must wear a mask while outside of their room and when staff are in their room  

Staff and Resident/Patient Testing:

St. Jane staff, residents and patients continue to be tested weekly.   No staff, patients or residents have tested positive for COVID-19 this week. 

New Admissions:

  • Fully vaccinated - If no symptoms and no exposure are not required to quarantine but will be closely monitored for symptoms for the first 14 days. 
  • Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated – Must quarantine for 14 days.  All treatment will be provided in the resident room. On day 15, residents may leave their rooms with a procedure mask in place but must remain on the unit.


Madonna does not have the vaccine in our pharmacy however, we are able to assist with arrangements for you to go to an outside provider for the vaccine.  Please contact the charge nurse if you would like more information.

Visitors are encouraged to be vaccinated but not required.

St. Jane leadership participates in bi-weekly conference calls with local and national infection prevention experts in order to stay up to date on all recommendations.